The female body; the vessel that brings life into the earth!


Pregnancy is the most unique experience the female body could ever go through in this time in this life force 


We are paying homage to all pregnancy experiences. Whether you got there easily or was a bit of a challenging time, we want to congratulate you


Not all pregnancy experiences are the same but each one is just as beautiful and we salute you!


BABY MAMA is available in:


Brown, Beige, Cream


And in any of the below scents. The scents we've selected to offer this in are particularly important in contributing to the inner peace you need to allow yourself to experience whilst going through this amazing time 


Grounded ( I AM ) - Amber & Tobacco musk


Perception ( I Know ) - Vetiver, Patchouli & Begamot 


Passion ( I Feel ) - Frankincense & Juniper 


Centered ( I Love ) - Peony Petals 


Whether a gift for you or a loved one, these beautiful pieces will look graceful in any space 


• There may be slight differences in each candle made as they are all handmade but we aim to get as close to perfection as we can. This also applies to the colour. On the brown and black tone options, you may have some frosting (small white spots) on the candle. This is natural in soy wax candles 


• Do not leave her in direct sunlight on hot days
• Do not burn her near an open window
• Melt her on a small plate, coaster or wax tray to avoid wax dripping onto your surfaces